Why You Need ReviewStand™

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To Get Quality and Quantity of Online Reviews

Everyone knows that online reviews are a huge part of the modern marketing game, but getting customers to review your business online has never been easyÖ until now.

ReviewStand™ is a simple solution to make sure your customers leave an honest review about your business online. See how it works or call us today to schedule a live demo and learn how easy it is to get real results with us.

To Get More Customers

When you see a crowded line outside a restaurant or a night club, you assume itís a great place and you want to be there too! The same happens when someone is searching online for a product or service—just take a look at these numbers:

  • 85% of Americans use the internet to search local businesses and service providers.
  • 76% of Americans look at reviews when determining which local business to use.
  • 72% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

In other words, the businesses that showcase more and better reviews are the natural winners in the everlasting race to get more customers from online searches—and ReviewStand™ can help you reach that privileged spot.

To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

SEO marketers have confirmed it, online reviews are an important factor used by Google and other search engines to determine the top spots on local search results. Do you have a great website but you still cannot reach that sweet spot on Google? Maybe all you need is more and better online reviews! Hint: ReviewStand™ can help you get them ;)

To Protect Your Online Reputation

As much as you always strive to provide a great service to all your customers, there will always be a few who are just never happy and jump online to write bad reviews about anything. Donít let those negative reviews affect your online reputation! ReviewStand™ can help you garner hundreds of quality reviews from your real customers to outnumber—and bury—the ones that are not so great. Keep those ratings up, get ReviewStand™ today.

There are many reasons why keeping a healthy flow of online reviews can help your business grow and ReviewStand™ is the best tool available to help you accomplish just that.
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