How It Works


ReviewStand™ can be used in two different ways, each one helps you approach your customers differently:

ReviewStand™ Direct

Get Reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook

Using your own computer or mobile device, you—or someone in your staff—send a link directly to your customer's smartphone so he/she can leave an honest online review for your business—anytime, anywhere. In other words, with ReviewStand™ Direct, you have the control to initiate the interaction between your customer and the reviews platform (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc).

ReviewStand™ Kiosk

Get Handwritten Reviews on Your Website

Using an iPad Kiosk and our ReviewStand™ app, your customers can leave a handwritten review that is later verified and published directly in your website or they can chose to enter their phone number in the app and receive a direct link to complete the online review from their smartphone—just like they do with ReviewStand™ Direct.

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Which One Is Better For My Business?

Both Reviewstand™ Direct and ReviewStand™ Kiosk are great ways for you to gather online reviews and we don't dare saying which one will suit your business better. However, we can show you two common scenarios that have provided good results to our existing subscribers:

ReviewStand™ Direct
for businesses with high customer flow

At checkout, the receptionist or cashier tells the customer something like:

"I hope you've had a good experience with us today. Can I text you a link to give us a quick review?"

She then enters the customer's phone number in the ReviewStand™ interface and that's it! (Usually, one in every three individuals that receive the link on their phone will complete an online review).

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ReviewStand™ Kiosk
for Medical and Dental practices

Leaving a handwritten review on the ReviewStand Kiosk is a fun way to spend time in the waiting room. Plus, it's a good way for returning patients to tell in detail how their experience with the provider has been so far.

Also, health care providers usually expect potential patients to browse around their websites before they make a decision so publishing their handwritten reviews there is a great way to reassure their visitors that they have come to the right place. See an example website with handwritten reviews from ReviewStand™ Kiosk.

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