by Ovalmint

Get Reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook

After completing your final transaction with your customer, you—or someone in your staff—tell your customer something like:

"I hope you've had a good experience with us today. Can I text you a link to give us a quick review?"

You then enter the customer's phone number in our web app (using your own computer or mobile device), hit SEND and that's it, that's all you have to do!

What Happens Next?

Your customer will receive a text with a link, like this:

That opens a screen like the one below, from where he/she can complete the review.

Our statistics show that—using this simple process—at least one in three customers will leave an online review. It's that easy!

Useful Tips

Use It!

Remember, because one in every three customers that receive the link will most likely leave a review, you can easily get 20+ new reviews per month by sending only 2 links per day. This is more than enough to maintain a healthy stream of fresh online reviews that will be displayed and appreciated by online visitors and search engines alike.

... But Don't Abuse It

We know you need those reviews to come but, if you try to get 100 reviews the first month, you will not only tire your staff but you may also trigger suspicions from the reviews platforms—Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.—which may see the overflow of reviews as an unethical violation of their own usage policies. We have found that a perfect number of new reviews each month is from 10 to 30.

Don't Wait Till They're Gone

Don't wait for your customers to leave your premises to send them the link. Do it while they are still in front of you and the chances of them completing the review will increase significantly.

Respect Your Customers' Privacy

Unlike email accounts, many phones don't have SMS spam filters and few things can be more annoying than receiving unsolicited text messages. Please don't send the link to your customers without receiving their express consent first. Also, don't use their phone numbers for any other marketing purposes without their permission.

Motivate Your Staff

Although you know how important it is to get those online reviews, it's also possible members of your staff may not fully understand it. Sometimes it's worth nudging them a bit by giving them incentives like "Dear [receptionist], if you send the reviews link to 100 customers this month, you get a free ticket to the movies."—or something like that.