ReviewStand™ Kiosk

by Ovalmint

Get Handwritten Reviews on Your Website

At checkout—or while they wait in the reception—your receptionist points to the iPad kiosk* and tells your customer something like:

"Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. Would you mind taking a minute to leave an honest review in our kiosk?"

Then your customer initiates the interaction by touching the Get Started button on the kiosk screen.

If your customer chooses to complete the review using his/her own smartphone, he/she receives a link to review your business just like the one in ReviewStand Direct, otherwise the handwritten review process is started, as shown below:

The handwritten reviews are verified by Ovalmint and published on your own website**. Showing these handwritten reviews on your website not only adds fresh content that search engines love, but it also boosts your credibility and reputation, letting your visitors know they have come to the right place. See an example here!

*Our prices do not include the kiosk wardware nor the iPad itself; they must be purchased separately.

**We can provide you with different options so your web development team can integrate your handwritten reviews to your website.